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Studio Cantastorie
Based in Italy

Release date:
Q2 2021



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In Selling Sunlight you play as a wandering merchant who has no face, because the Sun took it away. It'a narrative RPG with hand-drawn graphics, no battles, and entirely too many bees. (You can pet the bees. They are fluffy.) Wander a fantastic world stuck in an eternal sunset. Befriend other merchants, travel together, and trade goods and information. Acquire riches. Collect weird wonders. Be afraid of mirrors. Smuggle light bulbs. Romance a star. Sell sunlight. Get rich. BARTER WITH THE SUN TO GET YOUR FACE BACK.


Our main influences include the Rune Factory series, Spice and Wolf, Sunless Sea and the Earthsea cycle.


  • Play as a masked, mysterious main character of uncertain race and gender. Their past and their future are yours to define.
  • Befriend merchants, nomads, musicians, scholars, missionaries and many other travelers, each one with their own agenda. Swap gifts and tall tales, keep in touch with letters, and journey together to avoid loneliness.
  • A gentle, weird word to explore. Befriend giant bees in the Golden Beehive; visit Green Hamlet, where trees have leaves made of glass; or visit the library-acquariums of the Teal Atheneum, where fish and books are the same thing.
  • Haggle with other merchants to maximize your profits. A good trade is not only a matter of money: offer favours and information for a discount, or brazenly try to seduce your opponent.
  • Hand-painted graphics: almost everything is being made with traditional watercolors and much love.
  • An original soundtrack by Devin Vibert, the composer of Glitchhikers.
  • Bees.


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Selected Articles

  • "Look at Selling Sunlight, a game with a unique and wildly creative premise, and a core game mechanic that’s based in trade rather than combat."
    - Chris Avellone, Kotaku
  • "It's not everyday you find a game billed as "chamomile for the soul."
    - Austin Wood, PC Gamer
  • "Narrative RPG Selling Sunlight offers players many options on what they can do with their time in this world of eternal twilight, allowing them to spend time selling goods for the best prices, make friends (or more) with the other merchants and characters, or kill the sun itself for daring to steal the protagonist’s face."
    - Joel Couture, Siliconera
  • "Though the dialogue and story are key, Selling Sunlight also looks lovely. It has a light-dappled aesthetic with rich, textured colors and hand-drawn portraits, and it uses a mishmash of art styles."
    - Stephanie Chan, VentureBeat
  • "Narrative RPG ‘Selling Sunlight’ can teach other games how to do diversity right."
    - Jasmine Henry, J Station X
  • "Looks like a 2D, non-violent, dialogue-heavy, bee-heavy, watercolour Dark Souls!"
    - Some Guy, Reddit

About Studio Cantastorie

Cantastorie means "storyteller" in Italian.

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Selling Sunlight Credits

Chiara Boscaro
Environment artist

Anita Zaramella
Character artist

Giada Zavarise
Narrative designer

Lucy Kyriakidou
Sprite artist

Devin Vibert

Joe Neeves
UI Artist



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